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Endless Tricks & Fun
Cosmic Globe

The most popular & viral gadget of the year, the Cosmic Globe, lets you take it for a flight, have it perform acrobatic tricks & return safely back to your hand, all at your command with super-simple gesture control. It comes with super cool LED lights that will make it look like a neon shooting star when you launch it!

Safety tested for kids, this is more than just a toy, it's entertainment for the whole family, and can be used both indoors & outdoors with ease - whether it's your backyard, recreation room or even your kitchen!

Just switch it on, give it a shake & toss it up - and you are ready to enjoy some gravity-defying fun!

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Cosmic Globe
Fly Better, Faster, & Longer

Precision engineered & designed for safety, function & easy control - Cosmic Globe lets you perform
cool tricks only limited by your imagination!

Intelligent Airflow
Whirl Technology

Tilt & launch at a 30(degree), and enjoy a predictable Cosmic Globe like return to your hand.

Light It Up For
Fun In The Dark

Available in 3 neon colors that light up the spinner like a shooting star in the dark.

Super Easy Control

Launch, fly, hover, perform tricks & have it return to base with absolute ease.

USB Rechargeable
Long Battery Life

Gets fully charged in just minutes for a far-range flying time of over 45 minutes.

  • PC

  • Car Charger

  • Power Bank

  • Adapter

For Function & Safety

Premium flex material, ultra fast motor, aerodynamic tech, & protection case.

Ultra Durable &
Collision Safe

Made with soft flex material the spinner can take collisions & drops without damage.

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The Hottest Tech Gadget That's Gone Viral This Year

The Cosmic Globe is the perfect gadget for kids, teens, adults & the whole family. Skip the regular boring gifts & surprise your loved ones with something new & supercool!

Limited Available At Discounted Price Due To Viral Demand

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How To Use
Cosmic Globe

The flying spinner is super intuitive - making it easy to launch, fly, perform tricks
with & have it return safely to your hands.

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The Perfect Entertainment
For The Entire Family

The Cosmic Globe is loved & enjoyed by everyone across age groups - kids, teens, adults,
group of friends & the whole family!


Perfect for enjoying indoors whether it's your recreation rooms, living room or even the kitchen.

Team Fun

Makes for a great team game right from a unique "catch" version to "takedowns" & "shoot it with Nerf".


Great to bond with your family, you can play with the spinner with your partner & kids - having hours of fun.


Enjoy the spinners long-range flight capabilities when you are outdoors, performing some very cool acrobatics.

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Cosmic Globe
vs Competition

  • 45 Meters Flying Range
  • Dynamic Lights
  • Ultra Durable
  • 360° Rotation
  • Hover & Bounce Back
  • Drop Resistant
  • Super Cool & High-Tech

Cosmic Globe


Customer Reviews
Loved By Kids,
Teens & Adults

Amazing & unique toy for all ages!

Unlike other flying ball toys, this one can be tossed around indoors, and with practice you can learn to control the flight path somewhat. The ball will Cosmic Globe back to your hands, or you can pass the ball to someone--if you lose control, it will hit the wall or ground pretty harmlessly and so far has not broken or damaged any paint, floors, etc.

At my home, you can see my kids & even me and my wife flying it around! I find it quite a destresser!

Mike C. Verified purchase

The Cosmic Globe is just so much fun!

My kid begged me for this flying toy and I finally gave in. I'm actually impressed by it. We try to toss it back and forth and it's kind of fun to get the angles and trajectory just right to make a perfect pass. It's more difficult for us to throw it out and get it to Cosmic Globe back to us without having to run after it.

Jackie Colson Verified purchase

I bought like 20 to give it to all the kids I know!

I saw a couple of teenagers playing this in the park and just by seeing it take flight and return to their hand - looked so cool, I went and asked them if I could try it and man it was so much fun (mind you I am 37 lol).

I asked them where I could get it online and ordered 20 of them to give it to all the kids I know around in the neighborhood as a Christmas gift!

Marcus Verified purchase

Very very cool toy for kids & adults too!

Amazing product - is so much fun to launch it, make it fly at command and have it return to your hand - while kids definitely enjoy it - I too love tossing it around. I have to say the build quality is pretty good, the LED lights look super cool at night & its made with soft material so it's safe & does not get damaged no matter how many falls it takes.

Gianni L. Verified purchase

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is it and is it hard to use?

Cosmic Globe is a mind-blowing flying spinner toy with an ingenious hidden drive mechanism that can perform incredible aerobatic tricks and stunts. It’s simple to master in just a few minutes and a total blast to play alone or with friends. It can fly anywhere, makes a great gift and is the absolute cure for boredom!

Is it safe?

The Cosmic Globe features an aerodynamic enclosed wheel design that gives it that smooth flight when you’re performing tricks. And keeps your hands 100% when you launch or catch the Cosmic Globe.

Can kids play with it?
Where can it be used?
Does it light up?
Is it durable?
What is the battery life and how do I charge it?

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